Purpose Blueprint

Clarity and Direction for Your Next Career Move

A Career Mentorship Unlike Any Other:
Come in confused, walk out clear.
People get stuck.

I’ve been there more times than I can remember. You waste time and energy doing Google searches, reading blogs, and complaining to friends. You know what you’re doing isn’t a long-term fit but you don’t know how to figure out what could be. 

I get it. I’ve coached hundreds of people in the past decade through successfully resetting their jobs to more meaningful, well-paying careers. I’ve worked with high school and college students to choose a best-fit major. 

I’ve helped early career professionals find their place in the world of work. And I’ve been especially successful in coaching mid- and late-career professionals to find their purpose, leap to new careers, launch dream businesses, and ultimately just love what they do. I’ve learned that feeling stuck in career or life is usually the result of a lack of clarity about purpose, vision, talents, values, environments, finances, or other factors.

The antidote to lack of clarity is intentional, guided self-reflection and action. You need a process and a plan! That’s what The Purpose Blueprint is all about.

You'll walk away week after week with:

  • Clearer purpose and direction than you've ever had.
  • A vision for the next 3-5 years.
  • ​Clarity about self, including your purpose, values, talents, and ideal environment for thriving.
  • ​Your personal "Survive and Thrive" budget to help you build confidence in your career choices.
  • ​Micro-goals in 8 key areas of life.
  • ​Clear next steps to catalyze growth.
  • ​Content and resources to help you in any situation throughout the rest of your career journey.

The Purpose Blueprint

I'll personally mentor you through the 12 lessons you need to know to catalyze growth in your career and life. You’ll learn the following key principles:
  • The only thing that belongs in the FIRST position when making a career decision. 
  • ​Extracting from your past informs your future.
  • ​How to identify your purpose.
  • ​You have talents! And energy is the key...
  • ​"Doing what you love" doesn't mean what you think it does.
  • ​100% of dissatisfaction comes from values incongruence.
  • Where you thrive matters as much as why.
  • ​If you don't know where you're going, it won't matter which path you take to get there.
  • ​Happiness lies somewhere between survive and thrive.
  • ​The #1 blocker of progress.
  • ​Progress comes from action!
  • ​The three things you need to Launch.
  • ​And more!

Here's What's Included

12 on-demand coaching modules

Pre-recorded, at-your-pace content — I will discuss a specific theme, share wisdom from the trenches, and answer past participant questions along the way. 24/7 access to the content FOREVER. The 12 modules include one-hour videos + the PDF slides.

Additional PDF Quick Hit guides + video content

Access to additional blogposts and downloadable Quick Hit Guides covering topics ranging from setting goals to refining your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn page for maximum impact.

Action assignments and deliverables

The exact action assignments I’ve used for more than a decade of coaching hundreds of people to do more of what they love, resulting in several key deliverables: clarity about motivators, Profile of Self, vision, survive and thrive budget, goal-setting framework, and next step action plan.

I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Now for the mind-blowing part. This was originally going to be marketed as a premium product available for a premium price ($3k+) to identify the people who are most serious about making change. However, I’m in this to change lives, not to make a killing. After thinking about fee structures and accessibility — and with my drive to democratize this content for everyone who needs it — the program will be offered for $347. For a 3-month program, that’s less than $4 dollars a day for premium coaching and content.

Why offer so much for so little? Again, I’m in it to change lives. My hope is that you gain such tremendous value from the content, process, and coaching that you share it with the people in your lives who also need a BLUEPRINT. I want to help the masses get clear about their purpose and direction!

Let this be the beginning of your journey.
I look forward to being your guide. Click the button below and register now. I’ll see you inside the program.

on-demand coaching Program
  • 12 pre-recorded, on-demand coaching calls (3 months of value at $2,100)
  • Action assignments and deliverables (3 months of value at $1,000)
  • New content including PDF guides and booklets ($997)
  • MORE THAN $4,000 in VALUE

What others are saying.

"No exaggeration: he's the best facilitator and counselor in this area I've ever met. I recommend his services without reservation."
Angela Duckworth, author of NYTimes bestseller Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance and founder and scientific director of the Character Lab

"The program had a significant impact on my thinking about taking the job I'm currently in. It really resonated with me and helped me identify where I found the most joy and energy in my work!"
Lora Smith, School and District Success Manager, Gradient Learning

"The best endorsement for Dustin and the Purpose Blueprint is that I now cannot wait for Monday morning. When did you last feel that way? For years I dreaded the close of the weekend and what that meant for my happiness and energy. Not anymore. Dustin is the master of helping you find the personalized recipe for success - the tailor-made blueprint for how to be your best self in the workplace and in life."
Matt Broadbent, Executive Director, Intermountain Foundation; Real Estate Professional, Midway Land and Realty

“I came to Dustin at a crossroads in my career and found tremendous support through concrete tools. I have a much better understanding of how I feel successful and how I work best and how to advocate for myself in aligning my passions and skills with my work. I will be forever grateful.”
Emily Vanderbilt, Manager of Teacher Pathways, KIPP Houston

“Ten months into this career and I couldn’t be happier. I tell people that I feel like I won the lottery. I tell everyone that asks, that this is the secret sauce. I can’t thank Dustin enough for the guidance he gave me.”
​Tom Polanic, Senior Analyst, Capital One

"I started my new job a few weeks ago and its going really well. You were SOOOOOOOO right in SOOOOO many ways. I love my job and all of my responsibilities. I think I would hate working everyday for money, but I’m working because I love what I do."
Jen Sloan, Group Exercise Director, The Preserve

“I’ve listened to TED talks and motivational speeches all the time where speakers talk about the importance of finding purpose and fulfillment (I know, it gets a bit cliche sometimes), but honestly, this guy gives some solid advice that I wish I had know about earlier and I recommend him to all of my family, friends, and acquaintances.”
Zach Marrott, Doctor of Physical Therapy, ActionCare Rehabilitation Center

"Because of your expertise and encouragement, I was able to walk away from my soul-sucking 7-3 and launch my own business. If someone is looking to get "unstuck" in their career for GOOD, you are definitely their guy."
Jackie Boylhart, Founder, mozartandshiplap.com and The Art of Living Podcast

Dustin Peterson is the author of RESET: How to Get Paid and Love What You Do, founder and CEO at Proof Leadership Group, and a career coach. After working an unfulfilling job in public relations, Dustin set out to find his passion and live it, learning along the way the steps to identify purpose and articulate talents. He now dedicates his time to helping others discover their best-fit career.
Dustin has taught and trained leaders at Rice University, Indiana University, and UNLV, and has trained, coached, and consulted for numerous organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. He completed his M.S. in educational leadership from Indiana University and his B.S. in communications at Brigham Young University–Idaho. He lives in Houston with his wife and four kids.


Why should I join Purpose Blueprint instead of working with an individual coach?

Purpose Blueprint is structured to give you access to premier coaching at an affordable rate. It's the closest thing to working with an individual coach at a fraction of the cost.

I’ll join later.

The price will increase significantly over the next year as we grow the program. Don't wait. The time will never be perfect. Get started today!

What if I can’t afford it?

Purpose Blueprint pays for itself plus even more! If you can't pay your rent, don't sign up. But if this stretches you, maybe that's a good thing. You might pay attention more if you know you have to make it happen.

Can I get all of the training modules at once?

Yes! You'll get immediate access to all content right up front. That said, you'll get the best results if you work the modules in order. Trust me! The Blueprint works!!

How much time will this take?

In general, we see our members progressing through the training materials in roughly 3-4 hours per week. But if you have more time to complete the objectives and take action, you'll make progress much faster.

Can I access the content once I cancel?

Once you submit a cancellation, your access will be immediately closed. That said, if you pay the $347 tuition, you'll have ETERNAL access to the content, so don't cancel!

Can I share my classroom login and content with friends and family?

We ask that you please do not share the content and videos with friends and family. We put a tremendous amount of work and experience into crafting a high quality coaching product. Sharing paid content is a violation of our intellectual property. If you want to share something, please guide them to the book, RESET: How to Get Paid and Love What You Do, which can be purchased on Amazon Kindle for less than $3. We also encourage you to share your experience and what you are learning, and to inspire others to figure out their purpose! We're here to help!

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